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We are a family owned and operated local business that has been serving Buffalo and Western New York since 1986. We provide professional estate sales, household liquidation, downsizing seniors, cleanups, cleanouts and buyouts.

We understand what your immediate needs are and we care. Along with running this business, for over two decades, we were hands-on caregivers for our, aging and ailing, parents.

We will provide solutions to ease your mind and eliminate your stress. Knowing this should make you feel comfortable making such an important decision during your time of need.

We are able to complete the, sometimes, daunting task of disassembling a lifetime of accumulations so that you can leisurely enjoy your golden years.

We implement sustainable removal of household items and furniture by environmentally friendly methods.

We follow the 5 R`s: Recycle, Reduce, Refuse, Repurpose, Reuse.

We are personally involved and on site every step of the way.

W e deliver what we promise!!!

We solve problems!!!

Here is recent wholehearted Note of Indebtedness from one of our many clients...

F rom the first call to the last visit, I felt I was in good hands.

I appreciated seeing the process of organizing, photographing, packing and preparing all the treasures in mom & dad’s home with dignity and respect.

I appreciated that the sale was done online and that a lot of people were not going through the house. This reduced wear on the carpets & eliminated damage.

I enjoyed everyone that worked on our project. They always took time to talk and answer my questions.

AES did a great job. It would have taken me years to do what they did. I greatly apprciate their help! Can’t thank them enough.

-- Linda Gomez

Linda Gomez Voice Mail Message - (00:18) “Listen”

Linda Gomez Voice Mail Message - (01:14) “Listen”

Here is recent humbling Note of Recognition from one of our many clients...

W e decided to go with AES after realizing we were making little to no progress in cleaning out my father-in-laws house which he had lived in since the 1960’s.

All sellable items were sold thru the online auction. Nothing was left in the house and it is now ready to sell.

This was a monumental task and we realized we could not have accomplished this on our own.

AES is a family owned business and both father and son walked us through the whole process, spent time with us on various occasions and made it personal when dealing with us.

Leave it to the professionals. They know exactly what they are doing and do a great job. We have no complaints.

-- Mark & June Moran

Here is an honest Note of Gratitude from one of our many clients...

Living in Florida, I was at a great disadvantage of selling my deceased sister`s home in Buffalo. My cousin recommended Andrew`s Estate Service, which I am so greatful for.

Joe and his crew were profesional, dependable, honest and forthright. They did a fabulous job sorting, clearing, selling and cleaning to put the house in top condition for sale.

They kept me informed of progress all along! I highly recommend the services of Andrew`s Estate Thanks Joe!!

-- Marshia Flora

Here is a sincere Letter of Recommendation from one of our many clients...

I was faced with the physically and emotionally overwhelming task of clearing out, cleaning, and preparing the home that my father lived in for almost fifty years for sale. Where to begin with the job that really amounted to disposing of the memories of my childhood and the belongings that my father treasured for 91 years. The reality was that most of the home`s contents had little monetary value but had so much sentimental worth that I was not going to be able to accomplish this by myself. In meeting with Andrew`s Estate Service, I was guided through the process with compassion, honesty and respect. They understood how difficult this was for me to do and made it less painful by clearly explaining what needed to be done, how and when it would be done, and what I could expect when everything was completed.

Because Andrew`s Estate Service is a family business, they understood that I was most concerned with doing the best I could for my family and were so sympathetic to my situation. Whenever I had questions or concerns, Joe responded quickly and took the time to reassure me that the process was proceeding on schedule. I knew that my father`s belongings were being disposed of, sold or donated appropriately and I gained immense peace of mind from this. The house was able to be listed for sale immediately after Andrew`s Estate Service were finished, with no additional cleaning or preparation, and actually was sold about four months later.

I will always be grateful to Andrew`s Estate Service for how they made this very difficult time in my family`s life more manageable. I called Joe and his staff because of the recommendation of a friend who had used them handle a cousin`s estate. My friend could not have been more accurate in her advice. Her description of her experiences with them as compassionate, respectful and supportive is completely in line with what I encountered. I cannot suggest strongly enough that others use Andrew`s Estate Service when faced with the overwhelming challenge of handling such difficult family situations. Sincerely,

-- Mary Jo Sellers

Here is an incisive Letter of Recommendation from one of our many clients...

I recently had to downsize to a Senior Living Facility, so as a result I had to figure out what I was going to do with all of the stuff we had accumulated over the years. I had my family take what they wanted but there were still so many things that I did not know what or how to dispose of. While looking through the yellow pages of the phone book, Andrew`s Estate Service caught my eye. I hired them to do the job and they are everything they advertise to be. They were willing to work with me on the days I was available and they are very organized, honest, and hard working people. They completely took over. I did not have to do anything. Some of my things were donated to very good causes. some auctioned, some sent to consignment shops. They know exactly what to do with each item. They handled the whole thing - even disposing of hazardous waste. In the end, they broom cleaned each room and left the house in move in condition. After 90 days I received an itemized list of all the items that were sold at auctions and consignment shops. I got the receipts for the donations and to top it off, a nice check. Everything that was done was very professional. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needs a clean out of any kind. Thank you Andrew`s Estate Service!

-- Patricia Rankin

Here is a heartfelt Note Of Appreciation from one of our many clients followed by an interview…

From the start, I liked Joe. A normal interview takes about an hour. Well, after 3 and a half hours we finished. I asked a lot of questions. They were always on time and did a great job. I am proud to say he is now a good friend of mine. PS: If my wife hadn`t heard his ad on the radio I didn`t know what I was going to do. He is a godsend.

-- Larry Bartos

Andrew`s Estate Service Larry Bartos Interview - (11:40)

Here is an excerpt from one of our in studio clients followed by the full interview…

From the start they guided me through a difficult situation and handled everything very professionally and with ease for me. They didn`t pressure me to sign anything.

-- Cheryl Hayes

Andrew`s Estate Service Cheryl Hayes Interview - (12:43)

Life does not consist in the abundance of possessions.

-- (Luke 12:15)

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